Cool Advantages of Having your Own Above Ground Pool

Summer is fast approaching and kids will be at home most of the time. One good way to bond with kids is by camping, going out on a vacation, go to beaches or swimming pools. But let’s face it doing those all the time is costly. Not to mention the long  trips to those places. This options are expensive the least but if you want to enjoy the benefits in your own backyard every single day one good way is to have an easy above ground pool.

Some people of course wants the full sized tiled in-ground pools but that will cost thousands of dollars and you need about a long time to have it made. You have to have some people to dig and lay in the foundation like sands, cements and then goes a lot more process before you can use it.

So here I will list down the reasons as to why you should just opt for an above ground pool instead.

  1. Cost

This is one of the main reason why you should choose an above ground pool, they are really cheaper than traditional in-ground pools.  Compared to in ground pools which will cost our over about $25k, above ground pools will only cost as little as $500 to about $8k depending on the size of the pool you wanted to have. Aside from cheaper cost, the extra money that you have can be used to make it more beautiful by adding a beautiful landscape or adding some decks around it.

  1. Speed of installation

One of the great thing about having an above ground pool is how fast you can have it installed in your backyard. Compared on having an in-ground pool which will take you weeks to months which involves a lot of digging, flatting, laying  the foundation, cementing, adding linings and sealing before adding the tiles, filter and water, having an above ground pool will only take about 20 minutes for you to set it up.

Steps on how to install an above ground pool

  • Clean the backyard and make sure that there is no sharp object on the ground and the ground is level
  • Place the lining that is included in the pack
  • Once the lining is in place, next thing you should do is get all the pool and put it on top of the lining and let it set under the sun for a few minutes
  • Next is to get all the bars and assemble it according to instruction and insert it on the frame of the pool
  • Once it is in place, all you need to do is fill it with water using the water pump and filter included in the pool system and you are ready to swim
  1. Safety

One of the beauty of having an above ground pool is that it is raise above the ground, meaning you need a ladder to go in the pool. This is especially useful when you have small kids or pets that can’t swim. This will prevent them from diving right in the pool and might drown them.

  1. Minimum Commitment

Since an above ground pool can be installed and be disassembled easily, you can keep it when you don’t want it anymore or move it to a new location easily without going overboard with the budget. Unlike an in-ground pool, you can’t move it around and if you want it to a new location, you need to again spend thousands of dollars.

  1. Beauty

Of course there is no doubt that an in-ground pool is much more beautiful than an above ground one but you can change its beauty and make it more pleasing by adding landscapes or even a deck around it. This will add more value to your backyard.

  1. Versatility

One of the beauty of this pool is that you can bring it anywhere with you. You can take it to camping, to another friend’s house to your  relatives house. It is compact and can be installed in disassembled anytime you want. This will guarantee a good time anywhere you want to relax in a pool.

So those are the benefits of having an above ground pool. There are many kinds and sizes available in the market and you can choose between a circular, to rectagular or oval shapes. Prizes range depending on brand and size so choose wisely. I hope this article will help in your decision making whether you will use traditional in-ground pool or the above ground pool.

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Lillian Reyes, mother and a lanscape designer located in San Francisco.

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