Diamond Infinite Edge for Beginners

The Diamond Infinite Edge Review

The Diamond Infinite Edge is manufactured by the Bowtech, which is a known bow manufacturer in the world. This bow is not just for a child to practice and use. This is also a good bow that can be used by older people who are just new in the field of archery.

Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Compound
Link: www.slashandshoot.com

The use of the Diamond Infinite Edge Bow will depend on your type of activity and the Kinetic Energy that is needed. It is not actually used for hunting because of the Kinetic Energy required for each activity and bow. Let’s say that you might want to hunt for small games, then the Kinetic Energy must be greater than 25 ft-lbs.; for medium games the Kinetic Energy is 25-41 ft-lbs.; for large games, the Kinetic Energy must be 42-65 ft-lbs.; and for the largest games, it must be greater than 65 ft-lbs. Even if you are just using a beginner bow, you still have the assurance that you are using a bow with a high quality. These bows make use of aluminum riser, has a parallel limb design, hand shock is eliminated and with a minimized vibration.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the functions and features of a Diamond Infinite Edge bow, which is necessary for beginners and those who need more information about the Diamond Infinite Edge Review.

The Eccentric System

The Diamond Infinite Edge bow makes use of a dual cam eccentric system that are elliptical with a synchronized movement. That will be good for the user to make a perfect shot. These cams are smooth enough that is also perfect for beginners learning about the shooting forms. It also has a smooth cable slide. It has a draw length that can be at 13 to 30 inches and having a draw weight at 5 to 70 lbs.

The Shooting Speed

Shooting speed
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This bow has 310 FPS IBO speed rating. As a beginner, your shooting speed is not your focus. What you need most is to learn and practice the shooting form and to be accurate. At first, with short distances, so you don’t consider much the shooting speed. Later on, when you are already good enough for hunting and archery, then you may start using a different bow and start focusing with your speed.

Draw Cycle

Draw cycle
Link: archerynewbie.com

Everything is smooth. So, you won’t be able to notice humps. With this kind of bow, you will always have a consistent draw. So, the draw cycles are perfect for beginners and intermediate bow users.

Noise Level and Vibration

When it comes to the noise level, it is quiet, but of course, more expensive bows and the ones with bow stabilizers will have less noise. This bow has a string stopper into the riser to eliminate vibration, but it doesn’t have any zero hand-shock feature installed. Why was it built like this? You must understand that as a beginner, it is a must for you to feel comfortable when holding or using your bows. If the Diamond Infinite Edge Bow will have stabilizers, dampeners and other features installed, then it will gain weight. As a beginner in the field or archery and hunting, you must first get used to carrying your beginner’s bow and later on get a bigger or a more expensive one that is really made for hunting purposes or for various outdoor activities.

Noise level
Link: hunthacks.com

That’s all for the Diamond Infinite Edge Review. The way this bow was made, it is good enough for beginners. When you are interested in learning new things, you usually buy the basic equipment to use for your learning before getting to a more advance level. This is very true with the Diamond Infinite Edge bows.

If you are saving your money for a more advanced type of bow, then you may go to archery centers in your area and learn the basics of archery there and pick up a bow that has the same feature with the Diamond Infinite Edge bow. But, if you prefer buying your own and practice with another friend or family member, then it is also fine.

Learning new talents and skills are just like coming to school. You have to start at the beginning or when it comes to a game, you have to start at the lowest level. So, enjoy learning and focus with what you want.

Michiko gained interest in hunting when she first accompanied a friend in the field. She was amused with the success of his friend in the field of hunting. From that experience with a friend, she started to learn how to use a bow and studied various techniques through the help of a friend. Now that she is already an advanced user, she would also want to share what she knows for beginners to boost their interest.”

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