Great European Family Vacations

Having a great family vacations is a must for every family especially to children. They can cherish the wonderful memories forever. And having a wonderful trip does not need to cost much. You just need to find that one that suits your budget but still make it worth the while.

Europe provides travelers unique and memorable experience for all ages from Seville’s dancing flamenco to Rome’s Colosseum tour. I have listed down below some of Europe’s best family friendly attractions as well as budget friendly hotels for the whole family.

I have listed here some of the places to go to Europe to have a great family vacation

Great European Family Vacations

Holiday Italian Driving

  • In Italy, the Amalfi coast offers breathtaking scenery and is considered one of the most romantic place to visit; for thrill seekers, this place is perfect. Globally known for its picturesque coastline and anyone will feel like a Rockstar just by cruising the road.
  • While doing this road trip, you can drop by with some of the hotels in the location, take a swim in the Mediterranean sea with its clear turquoise waters and taste scrumptious local dishes.
  • I recommend to do the road trip during the tourist season peak to get the best experience.

Spains Villa

  • Rent a villa in Spain if you are aiming to have a whole week of relaxation privately with the family.
  • YOu can spend time with the family in the pool, explore the areas in Spain and the nearby islands by renting a car

Lake District camping

  • It is known that England has some of the most scenic countryside globally
  • Camping will give you a more relaxing family time with the kids, and not distracted with modern technology. Go fishing, explore and rent a bike and just eat by the campfire.

Disneyland in Europe

  • Children of all ages loves to go to theme parks and where else to go but to Disneyland.
  • Euro Disney is a smaller version of the theme park in Florida but you will get the same experience like ride a rollercoaster, watch live shows, and collect signatures of your Disney Princesses and other Disney characters.
  • When you are in France, be sure to also visit with your kids the Eiffel Tower

Skiing in Austria

  • If you are looking for adventure and action but is not in the mood for beaches and sunsets, consider going to Austria.
  • You can learn how to ski or if you already know ski in the slopes and hills.

Here are some more places to go to for the best family vacation:

  • Edinburgh

When in this place children can try out the traditional bagpipes music and step dancing during the festival in the month of August. If not going in August, you can treat your kids in a picnic by the Scottish Highlands, climb the Arthur’s Seat and or visit the ancient Edinburgh Castle. I’m sure your kids will love it.

Great European Family Vacations
  • Florence, Italy

Found in Italy, this beautiful place has many attractions that will cater to children and adult of all ages. Children can stop by a gelato shop, stroll along the Ponte Vecchio and go from one museum to another at the Uffizi Gallery.

  • Paris, France

Have a wonderful and memorable tour at the iconic Eiffel tower in France that glitters after dark. Children will love to walk around the famous child friendly places like the City of Lights, the Jardin de Luxembourg, and the Centre Pompidou.

  • Barcelona, Spain

Popularly known for its buzzing nightlife, but there are many reasons for the whole family to enjoy. First are the sandy and picturesque beaches, check out the street performers found at Las Ramblas, and the impressive Gaudi’s artwork found at Guell Park.

  • Rome

You and your kids will get to see ancient history at the Pantheon and the Colosseum. This is a good educational trip with kid friendly museums and lots of piazzas to go around. Also you can get a free sample of gelato to eat during the tour.

  • London

I chose London as my number 2 best family vacation place in Europe cause you have many places to visit and explore with the kids with, like the Covent Garden, London Dungeon and the London Zoo where there are fire-eaters, Platform 9¾ from Harry Potter movie located at the King’s Cross Station. Although known to have a hefty price place, there are still some affordable lodges that can be found within the city.

I hope this article will help you get the best experience for you and your family .

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