Guides in Buying the Best Fish finder for your Ice Fishing

When you are living in a place full of ice, but has fishes under the surface of the thick ice, will you not find the best solutions in catching these fishes? The situation is not that easy for an ordinary fisherman without using any electronic equipment. The ice prevents you from seeing the fish. But, the need for fishing is there. So, why don’t you buy fish finders that is designed for ice fishing? This will help a lot and will surely save your day.

A fish finder is an electronic device that various fishermen used for fishing in shallow water, deep water, fresh, salt or blue water. It allows a fisherman to gather information about the fish, your location, water temperature, depth of water, speed of waves, debris under the water and quantity of fish around. It comes with various features, such as GPS systems, transducers and radars. It is built with various screen sizes that ranges from 3 inches to 12 inches. But, what you need is a fish finder for ice fishing. So, to buy a fish finder that suits your environment , you can see more information about fish finder.

Buying the Best Fish finder

Buying Guides

We have here some tips that you may consider before buying a fish finder for ice fishing activities.

Portable design

You have to buy a fish finder with a compact and portable design. It is even better if it comes with a case or bag because you have to place it on the ground or ice surface for best results. And then, you need to carry this bag going to your fishing spot. So, it must be secured.


Due to the fact that you need to carry this device from one location to another location. And then, you will also carry other stuff. So, prefer a light fish finder device.


This has something to do with the transducer, which features a sonar system. It is through the transducer, where you can get further information from the underwater creations. It varies from 7 to 22 degrees. Wider angles allow you to see more of the area under the water.

Designed for cold weather

It is very important to use a fish finder that suits your fishing environment. For your ice fishing, you need a fish finder designed for wet areas, cold and sub-zero temperature.


Buy fish finders with backlit display. It is very important for your device to work in a low light conditions or during the night.

Brief Reviews of fish finders for your ice fishing

We have here the best fish finder products briefly reviewed that you may consider before buying one on the market.

On top of our list is the Dragonfly 7 Pro with US Navionics from the Raymarine. It comes with various features, such as CHIRP DownVision of up to 660ft, GPS system capability, Wi-Fi, optical LCD display, all-weather compatible, high-speed tracking system, weighs about 9 pounds and smooth image loading.

Our second fish finder is the Ice Helix 7 from the Humminbird. It comes with compact design, portable side case, bag, GPS system capability, flash, sonar system, waterproof, 7-inch screen, split-screen feature, LCD display, 480×800 screen resolution, dual beam function, SwitchFire sonar at 20 and 60 degrees, transducer runs at 83/200kHz for up to 1,500ft deep, target separation, and MicroSD card slot.

Buying the Best Fish finder

Our last option for fish finder products for your ice fishing is the Hook 5 Ice Machine from the Lowrance. It comes with 5-inch LCD display, 480×480 pixels screen resolution, 256 color TFT display, sonar-based, GPS system capability, vision under water for up to 1000ft, Insight Genesis program, track back system, advanced signal processing, works on sub-zero temperature, cold weather compatibility, waterproof design, with sun cover, operates with 12V power,500W RMS power transmission, ultra-bright screen, 20ft transducer cable, various HDI settings and with a MicroSD card slot.

Those are the product options for the fish finders for your ice fishing. Always remember to choose the right fish finder that suits your needs. Various products from different manufacturing companies are available on the market today. So, choose the products produced and manufactured by trusted companies. Most of all, make sure that the fish finder comes with great performance.

Richard enjoys outdoor activities, especially fishing. He is interested to fish in various environments. So, he finds fish finder helpful in any situation. This will help him explore and discover more about fishes under the water.”

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