Steps and preparations on how to paint motorcycle helmets

A motorcycle helmet is an essential tool for the safety and protection of motorcycle riders. It is very important to put this on every time you travel. With your motorcycle helmets on, you will avoid possible injuries that your head may acquire when accidents happen. Of course, nobody wants to meet accidents, but to have protection can keep you safe and that matters.

Painting your motorcycle helmets

There are motorcycle riders who want to have an attractive and cool motorcycle helmet. They do these because of their appreciation for the Arts. There are also motorcycle riders who are not happy or bored with the color of their motorcycle helmet. The only options they have is to paint their motorcycle helmets or fill it with stickers.

When you paint or customize your motorcycle helmets outlook, you may have a cool and attractive motorcycle helmet. You may decide to change the color that you would like to have or you may choose a design to paint on your motorcycle helmet.

Painting your motorcycle helmet is your way of showing art and sometimes your way of expressing what you really want others to see when they find you on your motorcycle helmet. It can also be a way for you to be identified, especially if you are with a group. Sometimes, the uniqueness of your design may also be a way to identify you.

Whatever your reasons are for painting your motorcycle helmet, it must be a valid reason and you must do it well. If you have the ability to paint it yourself, then do it. But, if you wish to ask for a professional’s help, then you may bring it to shops offering the service.

There are also reasons why painting your motorcycle helmet is not allowed or unsafe. When you have a damaged motorcycle helmet. It is not safe to paint the broken motorcycle helmet just because you still want to use it. It is not also safe if the paint reaches the surface of the fiberglass material because that won’t be safe.

Steps on how to paint motorcycle helmets

Before painting your motorcycle helmet, materials must be prepared. You must have a paint spray or a tape airbrush gun, water paint, some newspaper, sticking plaster, markers and paintbrush. Now, you have to start and get yourself ready. These are the simple steps on how to paint motorcycle helmets.

First, cover the parts of the motorcycle helmet that will not be painted, with the use of the sticking plaster. You may use the newspaper to put on the motorcycle helmet and avoid paint spills on the floor.

Now, use your tape airbrush or paint spray and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes. If you would like to have an art on this, then you may use your markers and paint on it with your paint brush and water paint. After painting, you have to wait for 2 to 3 hours till it dries.

That is not the end of your painting. It will be best to use a transparent paint so that the surface of the motorcycle helmet will look smooth and shiny. And then, you will have to wait for another 20 to 30 minutes to dry it.

After drying the transparent paint, you may start removing the sticking plaster and you are done. You may put on your motorcycle helmet and there goes a cool design on your motorcycle helmet.

These steps are very simple, but you just have to be patient in waiting for the paint to dry. You must not be in a hurry and do not force the paint to get dry because this might spoil your design. May these steps help you, especially if you are really interested in how to paint motorcycle helmets. Do not forget to always prepare the materials that you need before starting to work on your motorcycle helmet.

Painting your motorcycle helmet is a good idea and it can also be your hobby or business, especially if you have artistic skills. Why not use your skills to earn some money? You will not just enjoy what you are doing, but you are also earning in some ways.

“Ken from Pick My Helmet, he is a motorcycle rider and he loves putting on gadgets. He had been riding a long time and it took him a hard time to get gadgets and accessories for his ride. He had been to different shops and asked advices from various professional riders just to find out what is the best gadget to use. After his long search, he had great choices to share with other motorcycle riders out there.

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