The Famous Attractions in Southern Vietnam (Mekong Delta, Ho Chi Minh city)

Southern Vietnam includes the area around Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta. This region has a lot to offer to tourists including a tour around the modern city, a glimpse of rice fields and a fun day around the beach.

Ho Chi Minh City

Previously known as Saigon, the capital city of Ho Chi Minh was named after one of the greatest leaders of Vietnam. Today, the place is considered as the largest and the most crowded in the entire country. With the amount of motorcycles that flood the streets constantly, wandering around the city can take some time to get used to.

Still, the energy and the vibe in the city is something that many tourists still love to experience. There are also plenty of things to try out in Ho Chi Minh including shopping in the Ben Tranh Market, eating street food or delicious meals in gourmet restaurants, visiting the Soui Tien Amusement Park, temples and pagodas and many more.

Mekong Delta

Another place to observe and appreciate the diverse wildlife of Vietnam is a cruise along the Mekong Delta. Many tour companies offer trips in the area which will often include seeing the island of coconut monk and enjoying lunch at a local restaurant. You might also get the chance to ride a motorcycle along the Vietnamese highway which offers among the best views of rice fields and jungles in the country.

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Cu Chi Tunnels

Vietnam has years of war up in its history and to get a glimpse of how it might have felt back in those days is an experience you definitely have to try. The Cu Chi tunnels are a network of communication tunnels that the Vietcong built during the Vietnam War to hide from the American soldiers. Most of the tunnels have been left as-is although the booby traps have been disabled and the hallways widened a bit for Western tourists.

Phu Quoc Island

Those wanting to find a more serene and relaxed getaway in Vietnam will love Phu Quoc Island. It boasts of beautiful beaches and pristine waters but it also has other attractions that you must visit including Buddhist temples and waterfalls. The island is definitely a paradise that is quite the contrast from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh.

Cat Tien National Park

This huge national park is about 150 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City and will take quite a long ride. Even so, many tourists love visiting the park as it is among the largest areas of rainforest in the country. The dense jungle is not recommended without a guide but, if lucky enough, will give one a chance to get a glimpse of Asian elephants, tiger, bears and hornbills.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne is a 15 kilometer stretch of sand along a crescent shaped area in Phan Thiet.  A lot of development has been happening in the area in the last 15 years so resorts and hotels are not a scarcity. There is an endless array of water activities to do in Mui Ne or you can opt to visit the fish sauce plants or enjoy a day at the Sand Dunes (Doi Cat).

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