The Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

It’s almost summer season already!! Are you looking for some place that is more relaxing and helps you to get rid of stress? Vietnam is one of the most modern countries in the world because it has plenty of famous tourist spots. One of the main tourist destinations here in Vietnam is the popular beach resorts that will surely amaze you. This article provides the review of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam today. This might help you to decide on where you’re planning to spend your vacation.

Vietnam beaches have been the most famous beaches of the travelers. The popularity of the beaches had grown when foreigners discovered the turquoise waters and peculiar scuba diving along with the Vietnam’s central and south coast. There are a lot of beach resorts that comes with a good price and comfortable bungalow. However, some beach resorts haven’t been developed until now so here are the top 3 best beach resorts in Vietnam.


The NhaTrang beach resort has been located to the KhanhHoa province. This is a popular busy beach because it has endless days of sunshine. This island is also known as the home of Rainbow Divers which is the first PADI certified diving center in Vietnam. This place also contains soft coral reefs which make a lot of divers dive hard in that particular area. There is also some activity above water such as wakeboarding, kite surfing, and banana boat rides which you will surely enjoy. There are many 5-star resorts which come with an excellent service at a very affordable price. These resorts also contain amusement park, shopping mall and many entertainment options on the beach.

Hoi An

Hoi An offers magically beach experience for vacationers. The best place for fun and relaxation. It is the ghetto of stunningly preserved blonde and azure constructions that makes every traveler feel like they just stepped back in time into an 18th- century trading post. Hoi An is a beach that will bring any traveler to both modernity and history.

Sapphire and deep blue waters lie on the other side of a 15-minute bike ride north through motionless rice paddies, ancient French colonial cottages, and the special propaganda poster. The beachfront of the well-known China Beach where combatants were directed for R&R during the war makes up the southern section. Lately entitled one of the most luxurious beaches in the world by Forbes,

Hoi An declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999. This is once popular trading site in SouthEast Asia for Japanese, Chinese and other nearby countries. Sister will surely get the best beach experience and a glance to a historic scene in this place.


QuyNhon is the best beach especially for the sports fanatic, shopping lover and art enthusiast. In Vietnam overwhelmed by tourism, they describe QuyNhon as an authentic and amazing tourist experience. This is the place fit for all kind of styles, from simple, decent to carefree person. This is the best place to have fun, to relax and get away from busy city.

The picturesque site plus the very striking sunset will capture every artistic enthusiast’s heart. This is also the place where beach volleyball in Vietnam takes place. Every afternoon, people in Vietnam and the area gather to play volleyball.

Hotels are built, and many souvenir stores are standing in front of beach front. Biking is one of the main activities in this place. Biking is enjoyed by Vietnamese more than sunbathing. Biking in the coastal city and stopping to famous Nguyen Hue Road will make your vacation worthy.This place will make your heart stay longer. And the longer you remain in QuyNhon, the more you will appreciate the happy-go-lucky lifestyle of the place.


Cheap, tropical, mystifyingly enthralling, Vietnam’s climate delivers the perfect beach vacation, while offering the plenty chance to glance one of the historical pathways. Travelers will find NhaTrang, Hoi An and QuyNhon, as one of a kind best beach in the world.

Video of Nhatrang beach.

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