Bushnell Medalist version, with its many strengths, finds it easy to this best rated golf rangefinder 2017 list. In this model, Bushnell has shouldered the whole duty to find the targets, which are what most of users want.

  • This Bushnell golf rangefinder has a greatly efficient technology called Pin Seeker.It can locate the pins even if a golf player has no idea where it would be.
  • By distinguishing the target,it could choose the correct one among a wide variety of things.
  • The reason why this golf rangefinder device is independent in that regard is what differentiates it from other models.
  • It is scarcely amazing that Bushnell Company looks for a repeated mention in the lists. After all, they are the leader of the golf rangefinder craft.
  • With this Bushnell golf rangefinder model, you can immediately look your handicaps moving down. You will know how to make a much better decision on club. The Medalist of Bushnell is a complex golf device, which makes golf players live so much simpler. As a result, it certainly deserves the top position.


Going for an affordable golf rangefinder model with excellent operation? Your search could finish with a 8397 Aculon of Nikon. It is a perfect example of Nikon’s major advancement in the golf rangefinder industry. The Nikon 8397 Aculon’s impressive precision is built in a fitting form with and affordable price.

  • Nikon has made a significant progress in making a golf rangefinderdevice, which could match with your hands
  • Flexibility raise greatly with those details.
  • The priority function of the Aculonwould show only the things, which are the furthest in the line of vision. This will remove false distance to unknown objects like grass.
  • Distance mode is available for this golf rangefinder device with just a click of button.
  • It enlarges the pictures very well as well as correctly reads through small brush. Distance modes would compare to these taken by a lot more expensive tools.


TecTecTec with its strange name is a fairly new golf player in the golf rangefinder industry:

  • A VPRO 500 golf rangefinder of TecTecTec provides 3 functions for distance estimation:First function of Target Priority locates the targets at the nearest distance and neglects all distractions in surrounding background.
  • It operates to find the flagsticks in front of a densely wooded field.
  • The third function of this laser rangefinder version named Pro Scan, is used to find the object and hazard other than the flagstick.
  • Based on common and sensible assumption that you could take advantage of those 3 modes. This flexibility is fresh to golf field.
  • It also offers the distance within one yard precision. Yardage and battery lifespan could be seen on the optics display.


4. NIKON COOLSHOT 20 ( US Version )

  • The coolshot 20 of Nikon could train a player if he or she is a beginner to the golf rangefinder through the First Target Function. This function ensures that the golg rangefinder could choose the flagstick between an amount of other hurdles without any trouble.
  • All the objects in the background like plants can be ignored to aim the target: The panning for 8-second choice makes the Coolshot 20 scan the goal field for about8 seconds continually, thereby providing you estimation of various objects and distance to hazard, pin or mound.
  • It also supports with aiming the flagstick.
  • A function button permits you to select between meter and yard as distance calculation unit.
  • A550-yard ranging ability is backed by the 6x

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